Access Mindfulness are a joy to work with. Jayne and David crafted a webinar for our firm on the subject of Parenting in a Pandemic. They are extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and well organized. The presentation was very helpful. I would recommend Access Mindfulness in a heartbeat.

Peter D’Agati

I am so grateful to have participated in the mentorship program through Access Mindfulness. Jayne and David led with a deep and comprehensive understanding of the material, and with patience, passion, and kindness. Both Jayne and David embody the practice of mindfulness as reflected in their leadership and this was as valuable for me to share in and bear witness to as the content itself. Too, they model effectively and gracefully what working as a team can look like. Very inspiring! The word that comes to mind when I think of Jayne and David is Generous - Generous with their time and resources, and generous of spirit and heart, seeing the individual in front of them and thinking not only how the mentee can serve the evolution of AM, but how AM can best serve the mentee. This quote - "...The place where your deep gladness and the world's hunger meets.," exemplifies Jayne and David's resonance with interconnectedness in the workplace and beyond.

Shoshana Perry

I had the great privilege to work alongside Jayne during the group sessions she ran for CEOs on behalf of Vistage. www.vistage.com. She has an impressive knowledge base from a wide array of disciplines including a deep practice of mindfulness, and keeps adding more and more degrees to her arsenal. But all that’s academic. Quite simply, Jayne is a gifted leader. She brings compassion, understanding, and humor to every situation, whether coaching a top CEO or a teenager. Besides that, Jayne’s a lot of fun to be around. Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to have Jayne as their champion.

Shawne C

Jayne is a master coach and facilitator that uses ingenuity, expertise and humor to help her clients reach their potential. In addition to experincing her talents as my teacher and mentor, I had the honor of working with Jayne as a co-facilitator at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck and for a group of CEOs in NYC. She is real, remarkable, warm and brings excellent skils to everything she does.

Laurel D

Jayne is a loving, direct, careful healer who helps people put their lives back together again and move on from whatever grief or trauma they are dealing with. Her active listening skills and practical counsel are tremendous.

Laurence P, Philanthropy Expert

Jayne Gumpel is an extraordinarily gifted, knowledgeable, and creative consultant who has played a significant role in the personal and professional development of the business men and women with whom she has worked over the past two decades. Jayne brings to her work a remarkable portfolio of experience and wisdom which enables her to be effective as a mentor, coach, and teacher. As a successful coach and leadership development consultant myself, I have often benefitted from Jayne’s insights and wisdom, and from her ability to ask the right questions and to offer suggestions about things to consider when trying to solve complex problems. Without reservation, I would recommend Jayne to any person or organization looking to be energized, to develop, to grow, and to think outside their comfort zone.

Richard P, Consultant