The MBSR class absolutely changed my life. I learned how to deal with major stressors in a way that's healthy, efficient, and productive.

The class helped become a better professional because I am now able to stay calm under pressure. The techniques that we learned helped me strengthen my relationships and learn how to actually listen to others. Most importantly, I also learned how to be more compassionate towards myself…. As Jayne always says, “send your judge to the Bahamas!”

Jayne & David’s work is truly one-of-a-kind. I am grateful everyday that I was (and still am) able to learn from them. I really felt like a different person at the end of the course.


I have had the privilege to work with Jayne and David on many occasions. Jayne was my mentor as I began teaching MBSR and I was immediately impressed with her creativity, compassion and deep caring. Jayne fosters the growth of each student, whether they are a beginner on the mindfulness journey or a teacher mentee (as was my case). I witnessed David's growth as a teacher within the time span of my work with Jayne. It is wonderful to witness David and Jayne's complimentary skills in the mindfulness classroom. They bring passion to their teaching to create the ideal environment to make these teachings come alive and resonate with students from many different backgrounds. I highly recommend Jayne and David for their teaching talent and the way in which they model mindful living for their students.

Mickie B